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mccandless-20211016-0549-305915mccandless-20211016-0549-305915 Steve and Melanie did a fantastic job with my son’s and his now bride’s wedding.  His work did not just start the day of the wedding but way before with a couple of meetings to make sure he knew what your vision of the wedding and reception were.  He wanted to know what special people you needed a photograph of, and he wanted to get to know the bride and groom…are they laid back, fun, or very serious?  Melanie was able to get the shots of the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers getting ready while Steve was doing the same with the guys. They stayed to the end and captured the most amazing pictures.




Todd-Goodman-Headshots-20220408-259Todd-Goodman-Headshots-20220408-259 Thank you! You're the best, man. I can't express my appreciation enough for your constant support of me and what I do! Thank you! 






barron-20211120-0155-207839barron-20211120-0155-207839 For the hundredth time, thank you so much for helping us document our big day. You two are both so talented and wonderful people. Most important, we felt comfortable around you two. These photos will be beautiful and honest! Thanks!

-Chase & Liv (husband/wife)





viva-van-vargas-20210926-0669-108561viva-van-vargas-20210926-0669-108561 Thank you for the gorgeous wedding pictures for Amelia & Robert. Absolutely the best in many ways! Thank you for capturing the magic.