Olivia and the Barron

January 01, 2022

This is an interactive blog post. Before you read any further, make sure to hit play on the track below and crank your speakers:

Now that that's playing, I can't think of a better way of ringing in the New Year than by revisiting one of our favorite weddings from this past year. This particular wedding was the perfect way to finish out 2021, and if it had such a great impact then, it can probably start 2022 off the same way, right? So, without further ado, this is Chase Barron:


I met Chase a few years back while he was fronting an amazing band called Chase and the Barons (Yep, that's his band you're listening to, and yes, he dropped an 'r' from his last name for the band name). Hey, if your name just naturally works as a band name, you go with it. Mine does not. That's why I didn't name my business Steve and the Groveses...

Anyway, the first time I met the band, they showed up in their typical gig attire: paisley shirts, ties, and Chuck Taylors in a max-vibrance rainbow.

chase-and-the-barons-9669chase-and-the-barons-9669 chase-and-the-barons-9086chase-and-the-barons-9086

Since Chase's band days, his focus has changed a bit. He now runs a successful YouTube channel focused on healthy living and, as I found out recently, makes some killer Christmas cookies. That could be the influence of his amazing new wife, Olivia, though. (Ah! The blog title makes sense now. See what I did there?)

Chase and Liv got married in a private ceremony at the Grand Concourse in Station Square. It was a very small, intimate ceremony with just their immediate families and us, and truly, everyone there was so wonderful, we felt like part of the family, anyway.



barron-20211120-0021-207567barron-20211120-0021-207567 barron-20211120-0033-102379barron-20211120-0033-102379



barron-20211120-0086-102505barron-20211120-0086-102505 barron-20211120-0101-102536barron-20211120-0101-102536

barron-20211120-0136-207765barron-20211120-0136-207765 barron-20211120-0137-207771barron-20211120-0137-207771

After the ceremony, an amazing meal, and the most colorful cake I've ever seen, Melanie went to the reception venue, Spirit, to capture some detail photos before the guests arrived. I accompanied everyone else in a limo. That's when I learned the backstory of these two amazing humans. Turns out, they met in an apartment complex where they shared a balcony. It was on that balcony that their story began, and it was on that balcony where we stopped to get these amazing photos:

barron-20211120-0148-207815barron-20211120-0148-207815 barron-20211120-0152-207834barron-20211120-0152-207834 barron-20211120-0155-207839barron-20211120-0155-207839

I love these moments. It's what makes this so much fun. Getting to know people and finding a way to capture images that have special meaning to them is so rewarding!

And the surprises don't end there. After we arrived at Spirit and the reception got underway, Chase and Liv took the floor for their first dance. But this was no ordinary first dance. These two had a fully choreographed dance, and let me tell you, they NAILED it.

barron-20211120-0296-102663barron-20211120-0296-102663 barron-20211120-0305-208203barron-20211120-0305-208203 barron-20211120-0321-102685barron-20211120-0321-102685


barron-20211120-0374-102742barron-20211120-0374-102742 barron-20211120-0382-102754barron-20211120-0382-102754

The party/karaoke fest kept everyone on their feet all night, but we did have an opportunity to get one last portrait of the two of them (both now clad in their Chucks) on our way out.


What an amazing day! So much fun, and like always, we're immensely honored to have been a part of it. I'd like to propose a toast(er) to the newlyweds:

May your futures be as bright and colorful as your personalities, your old band's dress code, your Chuck Taylors, and that cake!


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