Jordan and Jake Dance the Night Away

December 20, 2021

By: Steve Groves

Almost two years ago, I got a call from a good friend of mine from Duquesne. Jake wanted to know if I shot wedding and engagement photos, and if so, would I be able to work with him and his fiancé, Jordan? Of course, I said yes! We headed to the North Shore Trail and shot some awesome engagement photos.

jake-jordan-028-8394jake-jordan-028-8394 jake-jordan-054-09375jake-jordan-054-09375

After a slight pandemic-incited delay, Jordan and Jake had their official wedding ceremony and reception this past October. They had everything set up to occur at Armstrong Farms in Sarver, PA. The groomsmen and bridesmaids each had their own space to get ready, then they did a first look at a quiet space near a picturesque pond, and the ceremony and reception both were in yet another space on the grounds.

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0093-100050happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0093-100050 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0102-1677happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0102-1677


happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0200-100163happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0200-100163 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0205-1855happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0205-1855


After the ceremony, we got to do a very "Vanity Fair" style shoot with the bridal party and then Melanie and I took the couple away to do some farmland portraits, which turned out so great!


happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0304-100359happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0304-100359 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0314-100385happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0314-100385 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0316-100394happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0316-100394

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0331-307081happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0331-307081 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0353-100471happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0353-100471 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0359-100486happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0359-100486

I always love when there is some sort of meaningful story that the couple shares with us. It gives so much context to what we're trying to do for each couple, and it helps us cater the photos specifically to them. In this case, Jordan asked if I could try to recreate a photo that was very special to her. It was a photo from her mom's wedding of her mom and grandfather. Obviously, I was not passing up on that opportunity! Jordan sent me a photo of that image in a frame, and I did my best to match the color, style, and vintage.


If you know these two, you know that they are both musicians—Jake is a guitarist and Jordan is a singer and both hail from the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. So it's no surprise that these two ended their night with dancing turned up all the way to eleven. And everyone joined in!

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0405-100602happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0405-100602 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0409-307171happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0409-307171


happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0580-2196happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0580-2196 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0581-2197happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0581-2197

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0588-101781happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0588-101781 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0593-101815happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0593-101815

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0612-205701happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0612-205701 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0629-102016happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0629-102016

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0692-2458happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0692-2458 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0691-2445happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0691-2445

happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0628-2245happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0628-2245 happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0621-101970happily-ever-cypher-20211017-0621-101970


As always, we are so honored that Jordan and Jake chose us to photograph their wedding. It means so much to us that couples trust us to capture the moments that make their wedding day so special. So, to Jake and Jordan—thank you so much, congratulations, and best wishes for your future together!

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