Clayton & Francesca's Wedding Day / by Steve Groves

Clayton Heath was one of the very first graduate assistants to work in my office at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. He is a brilliant bass trombonist who you could find gigging around town in The Brass Roots, as well as the funk brass band Run the Meat. He was also producing his own podcast, Iron City Incline, which looked deeply into the arts culture in Pittsburgh through the eyes of its prominent figures.

Clayton was dating a young woman named Francesca, who was studying also working towards a master’s degree in vocal performance at Youngstown State University.

After they finished their graduate degrees, both landed adjunct teaching jobs in at Frostburg State University, Clayton teaching trombone and Francesca teaching voice.

Early on in my friendship with Clayton, while he was still working in my office, he asked me to take a few head shots of him for some projects he was working on. Apparently, he liked how they turned out, because that turned into several more photo shoots - new head shots for Francesca, engagement photos, and ultimately the wedding photos you’re looking at now.

I am extremely honored to have been asked by this great couple to be a part of their beautiful wedding. Their ceremony was at Horizon View Farms in an amazing clearing that perfectly fit the rustic woodsy aesthetic that is so intrinsic to their personalities.

Following the ceremony, they celebrated at The Hayloft, just down the road. Replete with beautiful landscapes, a pond, fountain, gazebo, and wooden fences, I was hard-pressed to decide what the BEST locations would be for photos. There were just too many to choose from!

In the end, surrounded by friends, family, and one of the most gorgeous days the summer of 2019 had to offer, they couldn’t have asked for a better wedding! Hopefully, the photos Melanie and I captured that day will continue to remind them of how incredibly amazing their day truly was.

Congratulations, Clayton and Francesca!