The Place I Call Home / by Steve Groves

It’s no secret that I am a tried-and-true Pittsburgher. I’m not really a dropper of the “yinz” moniker that so many people identify as a fore-running trait of our community, but I certainly have a strong sense of hometown pride.

I came from a little town up north, about an hour outside the city, just far enough away that I didn’t often get to come into the big city as a kid, but in the fall of 2000, I moved here to attend Duquesne University and my rural life began to fade and be replaced by the sights and sounds of this much busier place.

It wasn’t until years after I graduated that I picked up a camera and started to notice how visually appealing our city is. I never had far to go to look for something truly awe-inspiring to photograph. The architecture is so unique—a visual allegory to the amazing cultural diversity that makes Pittsburgh’s community so special and unique. Underneath the man-made, though, lies the true root of why Pittsburgh is so photogenic—nature. The rivers, in particular, form the basis of this beauty. A triangular capsule, if you will, to build on, to connect and integrate with bridges, yet another allegory to the unification of heritage.

There is always something happening—music is everywhere, sports are everywhere, people doing things all around me. It took a while to start seeing this part because I was so captivated by the city, itself.

It’s truly amazing to be able to call this wonderful city of Pittsburgh my home. I’ve had some amazing opportunities here, and I hope to continue making more memories and capturing moments.

Next time you go out, wherever you’re from, take a moment to notice everything around you—from the man-made to the natural, the grimy to the polished—and just appreciate it all. Without it, your experience wouldn’t be what it is, and there’s no truer experience than the experience you’re experiencing right now.