Back to the Future, Part III / by Steve Groves

"I know you did send me back to the future, but I'm back. I'm back FROM the future...


In true Back to the Future form, Parts II and III were written at the same time.

When faced with the challenge of shooting the same thing multiple times, I find myself looking to whatever is NOT the main attraction for more details or a different perspective. While the photos below aren't quite as drastic as a DeLorean in the Old West, they do represent a bit of a change from the last post, which was full of photos that likely many people took. Some of these may even match that, but in this case, I've done some more creative things with angles, viewpoints, and post-processing.

These may not be as exciting as watching a steam engine push a car into the future, but they do represent another perspective, maybe even more details that I missed last year. 

In any case, I find that my instincts were correct - Different situations will present different opportunities, but they often don't ignore the "same old, same old." If we don't respect our past, honor what used to be, or just have a general appreciation of the things that have been, we have no basis to grow. While it is important to move on, it is equally important to make our way to the future by learning from our past.


"Where you going now? Back to the future?"

Nope. Already been there...