Back to the Future, Part II / by Steve Groves

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Maybe you already took the hint, maybe you didn’t, but in case you weren’t thinking fourth-dimensionally, the title of this blog post is sort of a spoiler alert in and of itself. I plan to post a follow-up blog after this weekend with photos of this year’s show. I’m not big on comparisons—I mainly just care that I’m doing the best I can do at any given moment, but who knows? Maybe I’ll come away with the shot of a lifetime. Maybe I won’t. Probably the latter. Either way, it will become a historical experience that I can build on. 

As I suspected, many things were the same at this year's airshow, and many things were different. While it's obvious that the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels are different in many ways, the types of things these groups do are very similar in nature. I mean, how many different acrobatic tricks can YOU do when you're flying at hundreds of miles per hour?

At any rate, another notable difference was the absence of Shockwave, the Jet Truck. Not only did I not get any shots of 20 feet of flames being thrown from the back of a big rig, but the lack of huge clouds of smoke resulted in no photos of planes coming out of the "fog."

With that said, many of the pictures I took this year ended up being very similar to those that I took last year and posted in the previous blog post. I've included those below. I'm not sure if the similarities exist because I am still me, still doing the same things I always do, or if they exist because of the "plug and play" formula of airshows. I'm sure there is some both, but I like to think that I have the ability to make something new out of the "same old, same old..."


Many of the photos I took were much different than last year's. Unfortunately, only those of you who have flux capacitors installed in your DeLoreans will be able to see those right now. (unless you're reading this in...the future...)

"I know you did send me back to the future, but I'm back. I'm back FROM the future... be concluded